The BPA Constitution and By-Laws.


In 1975, the founding/charter members of the Texas Peace Officers' Association - Dallas Chapter secretly held its first organizational meeting in the backroom of the Alpha House on Good-Latimer. They had been warned not to form an organization that would openly challenge the Dallas Police Department's race and gender bias policies, duality and disparate treatment of the people of color and women. The Founding Members of the BPA-Dallas are as follows: Calvin Howard (President), Preston Gilstrap (Parliamentarian), Arthur Busby (Sergeant at Arms), George Coleman (Treasurer), Mackeroy Tuck (Advisor), Simon Young (Chaplain), Shirley Gray (Secretary), and Harold Parks (Vice-President).

Within days of announcing its formation, mission and objectives, BPA-DALLAS leadership came under attack. The leadership sent out a nationwide plea for help. The first person to respond was Hubert Williams - the Commissioner of Police in Newark, New Jersey. The leadership flew into Newark and met with Commissioner Williams, Chief R. Bracey of the NYPD and Gustave Thomas of the New Orleans Police Department. The fellowship was overwhelming. They encouraged the leadership to become active members in the Black Police Association (BPA) to share information and to network with black officers across the nation.

BPA-DALLAS attended its first BPA National Education and Training Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The leadership met with Directors of the U.S. Justice Department - USDOJ, the Office of Revenue Sharing - ORS, and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration - LEAA. With the assistance of the Progressive Voters' League and local African American business leaders, BPA-DALLAS filed a litany of complaints alleging and ultimately proving the historical and on-going raced-based discriminatory practices of the Dallas Police Department.

The BPA-DALLAS were awarded the Black Police Association’s (BPA) National Chapter of the Year in 1990, 2000, 2001, 2002 and the BPA’s Southern Region Chapter of the Year in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. We have been honored with the NAACP’s Juanita Craft Organization of the Year (1990) and the Dallas Leadership Luncheon Pinnacle Award (2001). BPA-DALLAS is the only BPA chapter to have three of its members recognized as the BPA Renault Robinson Officers of the Year - Calvin Howard, Harold Cornish, and Preston Gilstrap. The BPA-DALLAS has produced three National Chairs – Calvin Howard, Preston Gilstrap and Malik Aziz and one National Vice-Chair – Cynthia Parker-Ferguson.

When the BPA re-engineered in 1998, BPA-Dallas leadership provided staffing for the plan and sponsored the formation of the BPA Dallas Chapter Affiliate. Today, BPA-DALLAS remains the vanguard of the reformation for the local police agencies. The BPA-DALLAS continues fighting to eradicate the pernicious race and gender bias workplace. Today the BPA Board of Directors, under the leadership of President Malik Aziz, continues to evolve the organization into a model for black police associations across the country. The BPA has become much more than a police association and has expanded the vision of our forefathers. You can find the association carrying out its mission by volunteering to feed the homeless, providing thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving students, holiday toy giveaways, feeding needy families during holidays, mentoring children and young adults, hosting community events and being both advocates and activist for social and economic justice. The BPA-DALLAS became known as the Black Police Association in 2005 under the leadership of President Malik Aziz. We will continue to bridge any gaps that remain between the police and the community striving forward under the direction of the leadership of Cletus Judge.

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