ODF Successes!

Detective Curtis Blocker and Officer Natasha Blocker

When our daughter was diagnosed with a disorder that affects 1 in 10,000 children, we were distraught. Between the doctor appointments, tests, and mounting medical bills we were extremely stressed.

The Officer Down Foundation came to our aid and provided financial assistance, which helped decrease the amount of medical bills my daughter incurred. We are so thankful and gracious. Words could not explain how much gratitude that we have for this BPA organization for allowing us to receive this gift.

The assistance took a heavy load off our chest and we were able to focus on what was more important which was making sure that our daughter was receiving treatment.

Sincerely, Detective Curtis Blocker and Officer Natasha Blocker

Senior Corporal Jimmy Hollis

On November 20th 2012 I was blessed with a heart transplant because of an infection in 2006 which damaged my heart. As my illness progressed, my energy declined and I often found myself short of breath even after only mild exertion.

I am sure those of you who came out to the Range noticed me with a heart pump which was keeping me going until my heart transplant.

Help comes from a lot of people and I would like to thank the BPA for being there for me.

Senor Corporal Jimmy Hollis

Michael Bailey

A Special "Thank You" from Police Officer Michael Bailey

Thank you SO much for the donation you gave to my family. We have been blessed by your willingness to help us in our time of need. The money you gave us helped us pay our bills and buy food along with other medical expenses.

Even though I am not apart of the BPA it is amazing to see your desire to come beside a fellow officer in a time of need. There will never be a good enough way to express the amount of blessing we have felt from your assistance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I've included a picture of our baby boy Josiah during his recovery so you can see how you have helped us.

Thank you again!!

Police Officer Michael Bailey

The BPA was formed to openly challenge the Dallas Police Department's race and gender bias policies, duality and disparate treatment of the people of color and women.

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